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心嵐 - 嵐的心語 Heart Words from Flowerdream

16 Dec, 02 -

Life is full of miserable, difficulties and painful.
Let's save our tears, to turn our eyes on cheering the sadness;
Let's stop mourn, to turn our strength in comforting the neediness;
Let's stop arguing, to make our lips praying and speaking words of kindness for the miserable;
Let's stop hurting each other, to use our hands in healing the wounds of our loves;
Let's start giving, to make the world better.

Flower is not a great figure, rather she is a vulnerable creature in the world. She doesn't desire for applause, but only a protector who would see her through in her times. Life of flower is short, may she in her little life can present her greatest beauties to the world.

X'Mas Wish to all of you: As you like it!

2002年10月底 -